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About MEF

How MEF Donations are Spent
How MEF Donations are Spent

About MEF

The Montevideo Education Foundation exists to raise funds and secure community support for programs at Montevideo Elementary School.  The foundation, chartered by the Site Council, creates major fund-raisers such as the annual Auction Gala, and seeks community and business partnership that help drive programs at our award-winning school.  Membership is open to anyone who makes a financial donation to the foundation.

Public school funding in California has been in crisis for several years.  California's per-student public school funding is among the lowest in the nation.  But what does that look like at Montevideo Elementary School?  Take a look at the tables below:

What State/District Funding Provides

at Montevideo

What We Currently have at Montevideo

(everything on the left, PLUS)

  • One teacher for every 24-26 students in grades K-3, 1 per 30 in grades 4-5 (1 per 30 without the district parcel tax for all grades)
  • Principal, office manager and office assistant
  • Textbooks for each child for each academic subject
  • PE instructor:  2 hours/week per child
  • Science Instructor:  1 hour/week for Grades 1-3, 2 hours/week for Grades 4-5
  • On-site school nurse 1 day per week
  • 12 hours/week library and librarian
  • 16 hours/week computer support
  • Rainbow Intervention Specialist
  • Custodians and maintenance
  • Staff professional development
  • Noon Duty Supervisors
  • Reading Specialists
  • ELD Specialists
  • $40,000 per year for supplies (copiers, paper, cleaning supplies, computers, TVs/monitors, equipment repairs, even bathroom tissue)
  • Computer instruction at all grade levels
  • Extra Reading specialists for 2 1/2 days/week
  • Mathematics specialist and extra help
  • Classroom aides for grades 1-5
  • Additional science instruction for all grades
  • Classroom technology - overhead projectors and presentation equipment in each classroom
  • Music, including kindergarten music instruction
  • A library that is open 5 days a week
  • Art instruction at all grade levels
  • Classroom supplies and workbooks
  • iPads (current and future) for student use
  • Class incentives and rewards (including those that teachers purchase with their own funds)
  • Field trips (including Miner's Day, Colonial Day and other curriculum-specific field trips)

None of us would accept the school in the left column.  The school we have, represented in the right column, amounts to about $190,000 in donations and fund-raising each year.  This is what YOU and your peers create through your donations to this school.  And while nobody like to ask for money, our reality is that If we don't ask for donations each year, our school will become less like the one on the right, and more like the one on the left...which isn't the school for which we moved to this community.

THANK YOU for your support of our school!